Every project is different, and every client has different needs. We start from what the client wants to achieve, and deliver precisely the set of services that will get them there.

Our Featured Client Case Studies

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An ecommerce company wanted their website to rank among the top few for a few targeted keywords. Struggling from low sales in New York, they also failed to manage secure a good ranking on top search engines causing the business to cost them higher than they imagined. Our job was to help them pull themselves up with organic search rankings among local and regional customers and simultaneously help them earn a brand value, get noticed among the target market and flaunt good Google reviews so that they are back into business!needed some re-working on the website’s interface including the search function that the company wanted to simplify so that their mobile users find their desired tour without any fuss. The aim was to decrease bounce rates too.


Our team worked day and night to help them come up with a website that leaves a footprint by pulling themselves up on different levels that included brand new grated and befitting content, redefinition of KPIs and measurement of organic search marketing metrics. With the help of keyword research and mapping keywords, we could boost organic search traffic within just the first few months of operation. The client’s website now ranks high for specific few keywords that they wanted to be targeted first. Fortunately, the same keywords defined their core business and those were also believed to be highly competitive keywords for the particular industry! They now have a great brand value and interesting Google reviews that have boosted their sales in New York by over 50%.