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Our Featured Client Case Studies

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A custom travel agency running an influential and already successful website targeted easy access of their customers on the website’s mobile version. Even though they already had a decent mobile-friendly website, the challenge was to fetch best mobile experience for their site which needed some re-working on the website’s interface including the search function that the company wanted to simplify so that their mobile users find their desired tour without any fuss. The aim was to decrease bounce rates too.


Our challenge was to simplify the process without making lot of changes to the website and we did that by creating a custom filtering system using custom modules, mobile device slide-out menu and blog feeds. By performing some more research on the site’s business and keeping the local and regional target market in mind, we added a few additional functions next to the search bar and added links to help users navigate through easily. All this lead to an increase in the time spent on the ‘travel type’ page encouraging them to get a quick view on the offers and pricing. Such pages became a bigger sales tool for the company, decreased bounce rates and helped convert their visitors into prospects in the long run. They now have a huge influx on their website through mobile, tablet or desktop versions.