POSTED ON: JULY 25th, 2017

Ella Tang, co-founder of Boston SEO Marketing Service has turned down several fashion show invitations from London, Paris and Dubai to prepare for what is coming in my future. For fashion, in the next 6 months, She will only showcase item by item, and take custom design orders. A new collection will come out for Spring 18 on my E-commerce platform

In spring this year, Ella had an amazing opportunity to partner with Nikhil Pandey, CEO of Triventi Infosoft in India, to establish this new business endeavor called Boston SEO Marketing Service. You might wonder why Ella got into this business, it’s because she knew her passion was always to create beautiful things and bring them to people’s life. This business allows her to use her artistic and creative ability, combined with her engineering background to create modern, tasteful, authentic, and effective websites.

Our Boston team is our creative resource and our team in India is our information technology resource center. Together, we develop websites with rich content and visual style that speak for our clients’ brands, stand out artistically, respond to each client’s unique SEO needs, and increase targeted traffic

Whether building a brand new website, reinventing your old websites or optimizing your business on Google search rankings, please contact us. We are here to listen to your vision and make it come true!!!

Thanks to my team and my friends for all your support. Together we can make this digital world a more beautiful place.

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