9 Ways to Show Up in the Instagram Feed

Did you know?

Instagram can reach more than 20% of the population across the globe with an audience over the age of 13 years, finds a study.

Let’s check out another interesting fact.

According to Hootsuite, nearly 200 Mn Instagram users come across and open at least one business profile a day.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Instagram has become an integral part of our lives. Furthermore, we tend to travel more by scrolling through the feed than have a trip in actuality. Such dominance is the influence of Instagram in our lives. However, it is not that you waste time on Instagram. The photo-sharing social media app can be tapped to unlock horizons of business opportunities through collaborations, partnerships, brand
endorsements, and whatnot.

Indeed, it is lucrative in nature. However, the true potential of an Instagram account can be realized only when you actually show up in the Instagram feed of your target audience. If you can hold the attention of your end users, you are in for a lucrative future.

I’ll walk you through nine top ways to show up in the Instagram feed in this segment,.

What are the Nine Ways to Show Up in the Instagram Feed?

Want to show up in the Instagram feed and win the business game? Follow the nine ways mentioned below religiously for an unconservative growth:

Consistency is the Key:

Does it sound difficult to stay consistent with the niche content you produce? Well, here’s some motivation to get you to start off with a bang and to help you maintain consistency.

Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.
-Bruce Springs

In order to channelize your consistency, you can define a frequency for your post. For example, let’s say you post a video every Wednesday. So, your audience knows the day and give your profile a visit in the quest for new content. Then, when the audience engages with your content, you can easily show up in the Instagram feed.

Followers? Nah, make Friends:

We have all seen Instagram influencers being generous with comments at the start and then don the disguise of “having no time to reply”. I’m a naysayer of this behaviour. Instead, take out a little time for appreciating your followers, who comment on your posts. Also, be constructive and witty when it comes to trolls. In
addition, you can DM a personal note to show your gratitude to your new followers. A little personalization wrapped in your warmth goes a long way, taking your Instagram profile alongside.

Friends? Nah, make Close Friends:

Well, you don’t have to invite them over for breakfast or lunch to make them your close friends. If you are hands-on with Instagram, you’d have noticed the green circle that can promote your followers and turn them into your close friends. Such a status of close friends evoke a sense of exclusivity among your audience and improve the bond that you virtually share with your audience.

Weigh in on the Value:

One of the secrets I’ve bagged from my experience and even successful sales personas can validate is the prominence of value. Before working on an idea, go deep and dig into the details to come to a conclusion regarding the quality of your content. Remember, your audience is trading your content for their time, which
makes the barter unfair on their side if the content quality is not at par. Trust your gut and create content that can justify the time/view you ask from your audience.


Not a Trendsetter? Let’s be Trendy:

One of the best ways to show up in the Instagram feed is by riding waves of new social trends. Use recent trends, challenges, memes, etc. to improve your presence on Instagram. As a result, when you don’t show up in the Instagram feed, you can boost your chances to raise visibility. Also, ensure that while picking up on a social
media trend blend it with your niche theme and create content for new visitors to know the type of content you make.

The Devil is in the Engagement:

Of course, it takes quality and consistency to create content. However, you can only win the Instagram game through engagement and then further increase your chances to show up in the Instagram feed. To boost the engagement rate, you can run contests and host games on the hot topics making a buzz in your niche.

Leave a Trail for your Audience to Follow You:

You might have heard about the term search engine optimization when adding a content piece to the search engine results. Similarly, the importance of keywords for Instagram is equivalent to that of a search engine. In such a case, you need to ensure that you use the right keywords for your profile and post to amp up your
profile visibility score and show up in the Instagram feed.

Leverage the Power of Hashtags:

One of the best ways to increase the chances to show up in the Instagram feed is to make the most of the hashtags. You can blend in your content with the trendy hashtags or the top searched hashtags to widen your reach. In addition to this, there are some professional hashtags lookup tools to identify the best hashtags for
your posts.

Enhance your Profile Information:

Another quick way to optimize your profile to show up in the Instagram feed is by adding the profile information. Unfortunately, when you use a bizarre name that has no connection whatsoever with the types of content you produce, you are like millions of other Instagram profiles making no gains out of their profiles. So
instead, write a crisp and to-the-point bio, providing pertinent information about your business.

The Conclusion: How to Show Up in the Instagram Feed?

The first step to show up in the Instagram feed is to know the algorithms of Instagram well. As a result, you will know the right way to target your content and get the required traction for your profile.